Friday, January 4, 2013


Tonight, my husband and I made such a quick and easy, and amazingly yummy meal - we call it Supremely spicy quinoa pasta loaded with veggies!
how YUM does this look!?

We love eating super healthy and super spicy also - so if you aren't a fan of supremely spicy meals, you may want to edit out some of the ingredients. However, this is how we made this amazing meal. We never follow a recipe, we just use the ingredients we have an hope that it turns out delicious, which it usually does. Everything we used was fresh not frozen.

Ingredients we used:
cooked quinoa pasta
small cauliflower florets
chopped kale
chopped spinach
diced zucchini
extra virgin olive oil
chopped fresh garlic
chopped onion

1/2 of a red pepper
small tomato
pepper jack cheese
two tablespoons of soy milk
cayenne pepper
garlic pepper
crushed red pepper

The amounts of all of the above ingredients can be modified to your own personal liking. Like I said, we don't follow a recipe, so we use as much or as little of what we have and what we are in the mood for!

First, sautee the garlic and onions in extra virgin olive oil over medium/high heat. When they begin to brown, add in the fresh chopped veggies, except for the spinach. I usually put in the spinach at the very end because spinach needs the least time to cook.

While the veggies and pasta are cooking, whip up the sauce! We used a blender and combined all of the ingredients for the sauce until it became a sauce-like consistency. Then, heat it over medium high heat for a few minutes.

After adding in the cooked pasta and spinach, slowly stir in the sauce and serve immediately. You could add fresh parsley for garnishing, but we didn't have any. Enjoy!

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