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I just wanted to add a little page to explain my blog title - Peplum and Peony!

First of all, the year is 2012 and peplum is one of my FAVORITE fashion trends right now. As a young woman of 5'8 I feel that it's very flattering and chic! And for those of you that don't know what peplum is (my husband didn't either) here are some extremely cute examples:

Peony - where does that come from? Well of COURSE if you know anything about me, you know that my favorite flower is the peony. It was also my wedding flower and pretty much incorporated into every aspect of my wedding. I wore a peony silk flower in my hair, my invitations and paper products had huge handmade paper peonies on them, and of course my bouquet and centerpieces were made up of peonies. It's been my favorite flower since I can remember - my mother used to plant peonies and in May they would blossom (mother's day flowers). I had planned my wedding for May so that these beautiful flowers would be in season and appropriate with my theme!

So there you have it - Peplum (my current favorite 2012 trend + peony - my favorite flower). I just thought it was cute and a great way to incorporate a broad theme of fashion with decor.

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