Monday, February 18, 2013

How I spent my Valentine's Day!

I can't believe I haven't posted in so long! I have just been SO busy with school and I have my midterms coming up, so I barely had time for Valentine's day this year. This was my 9th Valentine's Day with my husband, however it's our first as a married couple so we did want to make it a little special!

When I got home from classes on Thursday, Ben had surprised me with little clues hidden around the apartment for me to find my gifts! It was so fun and cute and I love that he can still surprise me after almost 9 years together!

Ben got be a beautiful bracelet from my favorite accessories store - Henri Bendel


we made yummy pizza from scratch - it was SUCH a good indulgence

I also wanted to share something SO cute. My twin sister's boyfriend, Adrian, surprised her with high tea at the Plaza for Valentine's Day. Seriously, what guy thinks of that?! It was a champagne brunch with little sandwiches and desserts. What a fantastic idea for Valentine's Day. Guys, take note! Sonia and I are really blessed and lucky to have such great men in our lives!

my twin and her bf at the plaza!

I hope you all had a wonderful valentine's day filled with LOVE

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